12. Mai 2000

Information on manuals and service
for those entering data and
project managers

Within the framework of a database project we can offer workshops, project-specific manuals and advice on structure planning. On the one hand the projects benefit from the flexibility of the system, which permits the database structure to be matched perfectly to the physical requirements of the project. On the other hand the projects benefit through the synergy effect from the experience gained with other projects.

Input manual:
A typical input manual usually contains the complete explanation of the data structure concerned (database framework, title texts available, links structure and classifier tree).
In the second section the hardware and software environment at the project site is documented. In addition to external programmes this contains in particular all project-specific special functions for the entering system (e.g. particular expressions and formats).
In the third section the general input of data in a DYABOLA database is explained step by step.
In the final section there is a complete concordance of each project database, which serves to enable every kind or input procedure to be carried out.

On request it is possible for project managers to be introduced in-depth to the functionality of DYABOLA within the framework of a workshop. Then alterations to the structure, to formatting or to the input procedure can be carried out directly at the project site without external assistance.

Data care:
For registering and processing complexly structured and comprehensive amounts of data various additional programmes are available. We should be happy to advise you as required.
If you require personal advice please contact us by e-mail or at the following address or telephone number.

Remark for administrators:
The following are the latest formatting codes and input keys.

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