FAQ: Frequently asked Questions

General questions

See the User Manual for further advice concerning Technical Requirements, Program Installation, Optimising Installation and Starting of the Program.

Changing default language on startup
For changing the default language of the user interface see chapter Optimising Installation in the User Manual.

Left and right truncated search in Subject Catalogues
Since publication of the DAI subject catalogue in 1997 you can also search for the separate parts of names of authors, publishers, series and journals. This can be of particular use in case of double-barrelled names of female authors. For example if you enter "KARUZU" in the search engine the results shown will be both: "Karuzu, S." and "Papaspyridi-Karuzu, S."
See String Search in the User Manual.

Drag and drop in Windows window:
This way you can copy a title card into a word processing programme.
See User Manual: Tools/Export.

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