The most frequent questions asked by DYABOLA users are answered on this page. The links refer to the corresponding chapter in the online manual. (User Manual or Administrator Manual).

Improvments of the retrival program:

New installation program in release august 2001
The new installation program makes it much simpler installing the CD-ROM version. Please have a look at the redesigned chapters of the User Manual
("Technical Requirements"; "Installation"; "Optimising Installation" und "Starting Program")

Single key-password for CD-ROM and web version
Your Key-Password, which you'll get with the release august 2001, provides you access to both versions.
(See Chapter "Installation")

Solution for strange characters in window mode
It is possible to solve the problem with a modified "Lucida Console" font, which is downloadable in our download section. Please see also "Strange Characters" in Chapter "Optimising Installation".

Retrival program ready for download
From now on the retrival program is not personalized. Therefore each customer gets a personal licence file. Now it is possible to download the current retrial program at any time. For further details see download section.

Windows 2000 Prof.
For solving some small issues with Windows 2000 Prof. please see Chapter "Optimising Installation".

Improvments of the input program:

New possibilities for configurating the short search:
It is now possible to define connected searches right from the beginning. This means that, for example, in CENSUS you can reach all the antique monuments which are contained in the documentation of a certain artist with one single function (for formatting instructions see the Administrator's Manual).

Individual fonts for each database: For some time DYABOLA has been able to display all the letters of the Greek alphabet, as well as various diacritical signs. As it became necessary to use further symbols to fulfil the requirements of various databases, the extended DYABOLA fonts have now been individualised to complement each database. If you need specific additional symbols for your project, please refer to info@dyabola.de.

New functions of the print format:
(Formatting see Administrator's Manual).

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