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The Universal DYABOLA User Manual is fundamental for all Dyabola users. Beginners are advised to follow the examples in one of the introductory project-specific manuals. The Short Reference Card is especially designed for more experienced users of the CD-ROM version. Manuals for data input and administration are not online for copyright reasons. They can be ordered directly by each projects head of staff. All online manuals are available in two formats HTML and PDF. The PDF version is recommended for printing, but maybe you'll need to install Acrobat-Reader 4.0 or higher therefore.
  Universal DYABOLA User Manual for All Databases
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Introductory Project-Specific Manuals:
They are designed to give a fast and complete access to the full funktionality of each DYABOLA database project. The introductions available are based on the CD-ROM version, but it is recommended to have a look into the project-specific instruction, even if you are going to use the web version only.
  Subject Catalogues of the DAI
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  Census of Antique Art and Architecture Known to the Renaissance
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  included in delivery. web version is under preparation.
  Attische Grabreliefs des späten 5. und des 4. Jhs. v. Chr.
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Short Reference Card:
The Reference Card contains a short description of the program functions, key combinations and a navigation diagram (User Manual Chapter 5.1). It is only available in PDF. The Card should be printed. Online display makes no use, because of the small formatting. For the advanced DYABOLA-User the card helps remembering important tasks and functions. Regards go to Jean Susorney Wellington. The Reference Card ready for download here is based on the DYABOLA-Reference-Card she in order to help other librarians (last update 11.3.1999).
  Short Reference Card for all databses (CD-ROM version)
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Project Consulting and Services:
Project Consulting can differ from database to database, depending on needs and budget of the project. The range of possible services reaches from providing the input program and solution of database structure issues to the planning of the workflow or the creation of manuals. Beside this, we provide workshops and support concerning imaging, data import/export as well as data maintenance.
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Lucida Console for Window Mode:
Here you find a modified windows system font Lucida Console for fixing some display issues when running Dyabola in window mode (instead full-screen). The download file contains the original font also, so it is possible to undo the changes. You'll find a complete installation instruction in our Universal DYABOLA User Manual in Chapter 2.3 under "strange characters"
  Lucida Console with Dyabola Character Set
  2 fonts: original and modified with instruction

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